Career Scope

Teaching Phonics Sounds

The doors to a multitude of career opportunities will open wide before you once you have earned the certificate after completion of this phonics teachers' training programme.

  • On successful completion of the programme, each trainee will earn the credential of a certified phonics teacher, ready to be employed in several different capacities in the phonics teaching and training field.
  • You will be fully qualified to be appointed as full-time or part-time phonics teacher / instructor in diverse child care set-ups like :
  • You get an entry point into prestigious schools affiliated to State / CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE/ IB board.
    • Pre-schools
    • Schools with pre-primary and primary sections
    • Activity centres
    • Child care centres
  • You may be either appointed at pre-primary or primary levels either as teacher, assistant teacher, student teacher, volunteer teacher or a special needs or remedial teacher to teach phonics.
  • In case you are an in-service teacher, your opportunities for a much awaitedpromotion or a well-deserved increment will widen and your resume will carry more weightage.
  • Our programme also allows you to set up and successfully run your own phonics training centre for kids. This means you can now start an entrepreneurship in the field of education.
  • If you are already an entrepreneur within the early childhood domain, you can start providing Phonics courses in your centres.
  • You can even work as phonics trainer for teachers.
  • Other career profiles like phonics curriculum planner or a phonics content developer in schools and educational institutes or organizations will also lie wide open after completion of this programme.
  • As a parent, you will be able to bring about development of the English language skills in your child.
  • In case of mid-career professionals, opportunities for career change open up.


So, a fulfilling, full-fledged and lucrative career can be made after completing a 'Certificate Programme in Phonics Teachers' Training' from Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES). This certification can prove to be a driving force behind shaping you into a successful and competent phonics professional who can serve any profile in schools or educational institutes. This programme will turn you into a brilliant entrepreneur running his own phonics teaching and training venture.

Therefore, join VES now and undertake this programme which has the capacity to alter your career graph by taking it to great heights.