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We are sure that, as a parent, you have showered your child with all your love, care and affection. You must have given your child a lot of time, attention and dedication. Like most parents you must always be trying to provide your children with the best things and facilities. But you may still be having complaints like

  • My child never listens to me.
  • He is never able to complete any job on time.
  • She is such a fussy eater.
  • My child hardly speaks to me about his or her feelings.
  • He suffers from lack of confidence.

Or you may have some other complaint. Even after doing your best, you may be facing one or the other troubles or problems with your children in day to day life. Issues, tricky situations, conflicts etc. may be coming up every now and then.The usual methods applied like punishment, sweet-talk, praise, reward, nagging, reminding, appeasement etc. may also not work.

Wondering about what else you can do?

Thinking where you are going wrong?

Looking for somebody to help and guide you?

Then you have come to the right place.

Parenting Classes

The workshop How to make your Children Listen to you?conducted by Vidhyanidhi Education Society, is the right thing for you to do. We will help you to overcome all your problems that you are facing in raising your child. Our well-researched and meticulously planned child parenting classes will train you to apply a set of practical and implementable skills.

These skills when practised in day-to-day life will help you

  • develop better relationship with your children,
  • make your communications with your children happy and rewarding
  • and make parenting easy and enjoyable.


You will find a huge change in the way you look and feel about your children and also in the way your children view you. The skills that you learn in these parenting skills classes will not only be effective in handling your children but they will prove equally effective in improving your relations with your spouse, other members of your family and colleagues. You can also make good use of these skills in case you are faced with problems like sibling rivalry or issues of adjustment between your children. Overall, you will be able to build a family atmosphere of love, care and respect.

The skills learnt will actually enable you to

  • help children handle their negative emotions like rage, fear, stress etc.
  • get children to cooperate willingly.
  • avoid punishment
  • help children become independent and develop a positive personality.
  • resolve all kinds of conflicts amicably.


This workshop will consist of 6 separate exhaustive sessions of around 3 hours each. The content has been developed by a panel of experts having a rich experience in child psychology, child education and counseling, trainers in the field of teacher training and the like. The content is extremely easy –to-understand, and the pace of the sessions is relaxed. The sessions hold the possibility of experiential learning wherein you will get to practice and role-play each skill. Other methods such as group discussions, question-answer segments and solving of questionnaires will be used during the sessions.

So, if you are about to become parents, or are already parents, grandparents, even teachers, child caretakers, counsellors or facilitators, don't wait any more and enroll for this workshop of ours at the earliest. It will make each moment with the children around you an absolute joy and pleasure!!

Parenting Class Reviews

What a few parents had to say about this workshop...

"Before I did these family parenting classes, there were regular arguments and disagreements with my daughter. She is just nine, but I could not make her listen to me at all. Then I came across your website. I realized your workshop could help me and my child to reduce all the conflicts, hurt and unhappiness that we both were going through. And now after attending the parenting class, there has been a vast difference in my relationship with my daughter. In fact, this parenting classes is highly recommended for parents having children in all age-groups, and especially for parents having children in their pre-teens. Thanks VES."- Romila Shekhar
- Supervisor at a reputed school

"My experience during the new parenting classes was very good. My son is particularly a shy child. He would hardly speak about his feelings to us. But after attending the session I started trying the skills with him on a regular basis. This has really helped. He has started speaking up more and that too in a manner as is expected. Thanks VES for making me a better listener!" - R. Venkatesh
- Software Engineer
- Father of a 10-year-old

"I feel very happy to say that after attending this workshop, I am finding motherhood much less stressful and more enjoyable. All that I had learnt during the sessions through practice during the parent effectiveness training workshop is proving to be handy and useful. I congratulate the entire team of VES on conceptualizing the sessions so well."Pratima Sarkar
- Journalist
- Mother of an 11-year-old

"I did this workshop keeping in mind both my personal as well as professional needs. According to me,all the sessions are very helpful for teachers and educators. The presiding instructor was remarkable. I also think that my whole experience was a complete value for money. Will definitely recommend it to many more."- Hema Jadhav
- Head of a Child Care Centre
- Mother of a seven-year-old

"ThanksVES for the wonderful skills you have taught me. Now I just will just work towards becoming a better mother and even a better spouse by using these skills. Hope it will bring a lot of positive difference in my life as well as in the lives of people that matter to me most."- Srishti Bhargava
- Homemaker
- Mother of two children aged 3 and 7 years