Come join Parenting Skills Courses

In today's world, there is training available for most jobs and professions that we that we want to take up. However, most of us feel that getting trained for parenting, which is the toughest of all jobs in the world, may not be necessary. A parent is expected to only trus this instincts, his own childhood experiences, experiences of his elders etc. while raising a child. And to top it all,we are under a constant pressure to bring up well-behaved, all-rounder, star kids!

So what do we do when our

pre-schooler throws a wild tantrum at the supermarket?


pre-teen often doesn't do his homework?


son and daughter have fights like a cat and dog regularly?


teenager breaks into heated arguments almost for everything?

We try to find solutions to these problems and situations with help of just our parental instincts and experience. We try to employ traditional methods of disciplining and raising children like nagging, punishing, rewarding, shaming, reminding etc. This only aggravates the problems and makes parenting frustrating and overwhelming with time.

So, then why leave parenting to gut feelings and chance?

Instead, why not train ourselves in strategies and techniques which will help us to handle issues related to child rearing more capably?

Parenting Courses

Vidhyanidhi Education Society's How to make your Children Listen to you? workshop can train us in the right skills which will empower us to turn chaotic and conflict-ridden situations with our children into peaceful and quiet ones, putting an end to all the frustration and stress so that we start enjoying our job as a parent.With VES,we'll learn what to say and when to say it. Get all the help we need in raising happy, well-behaved, confident, respectful and considerate children. These skills are real-world tools that we can employ to create a happier home. And make us calm and super cool parents!!

These parenting skills courses have different structures. Our parenting workshop has 2 sessions which will introduce you to an easy- to –understand parenting process through first-hand learning. Each skill and step will be thoroughly discussed, practised and revised under the able guidance of a qualified facilitator. Doubts and questions will be answered; view- points will be exchanged and experiences will be shared during the sessions.

We should stop wishing that all our troubles in parenting our child will vanish on their own through magic. That will not happen. We have to take a positive step towards finding positive, peaceful and permanent solutions to our problems ourselves. So, we must enrol for VES's parenting workshop - How to make your Children Listen to you?today, so that we can start enjoying parenthood.

Positive Parenting Course Reviews

A few reviews given by parents:

"What a wonderful decision doing your positive parenting course has been! My child has started behaving so well. Before I attended such parenting courses, it used be very difficult to manage my son. But since I did this workshop, what a remarkable difference my son has started showing. Thank you so much for making me a better parent."- Devdutt Koradiya
- HR Manager at a MNC
- Father of a 7-year-old

"I can't tell you how happy I am to have done this parenting courses out of all such parent courses. It has positively affected my family life! I absolutely love the feeling that I am having fun with my kids. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!"- Kalpana Vashisht
- Homemaker
- Mother of two children, aged 4 and 8 years

"My children had constant fights. We were getting fed up. Then with the help of the skills that I learn at this workshop, I helped my children learn to resolve their fights more peacefully. They too were happy and satisfied and we all got a relief from their nasty fights. I am very happy I joined this parenting course."– David Jose
- Works for an Advertising Firm
- Father of two children aged 6 and 9 years

"Very useful, value for money, great experience! Thanks to the entire team and especially to the facilitator. I will definitely recommend this positive parenting techniques course to my friends and family members."Shaima Siddique
- Content Developer
- Mother of a 5-year-old

"I wanted to learn positive parenting techniques keeping in mind both my personal as well as professional needs. According to me all the sessions are highly helpful for parents besides being very useful to teachers and educators. I will definitely recommend it to many more."Hetal Choksi
- Homemaker
- Mother of a nine-year-old