A Parenting Program

can help you realize that

"As a parent your job is not to be the parent you always imagined you'd be or the parent you always wished you had. But in fact, your job is to be the parent your child needs and wishes for, keeping in tune with his or her own life and nature."

If that is true, let's spare a moment to ponder whether we are 'the parent' our child needs and wants us to be?

It is no secret that every child seeks love, care and protection. We, as parents, may feel that it is enough to love, care, protect and provide for our child. But that may not be all that a child's heart desires for. He may want a little more from parents of his dreams.

A child wants his parents to pay complete attention, listen to all that he has to say, understand how he feels about the most trivial things, talk to him more than just tell him to do or not to do things, give regard to his likes and dislikes, spend time only with him, be a friend to play with, laugh loudly on the silliest of all jokes, dance and make merry with him without any reason, be a guide and a model to follow, forgive easily, appreciate more and criticize less and most importantly treat him with respect.

Then we may want to find out how to become 'the parent of our child's dreams'?

It definitely takes efforts to become such a parent. There is nothing like a 'perfect parent' because parenting is all about learning and evolving. What we can do is to at least make endeavours to learn better and proven skills and techniques to do our job as parents in an improved way.

Striking features of the positive parenting program

  • Six vital aspects concerned with effective parenting will be covered.
  • Practically applicable skills that have been formulated after thorough research and trials.
  • Skills developed by a team made up of psychologists, educators and trainers.
  • Sessions will be conducted under the guidance of an expert facilitator.
  • Skill training through interactive sessions based on experiential learning offering opportunities to practise skills by way of role-play and enacting.
  • Real-life examples, experience sharing, discussions etc. an integral part of sessions making them stimulating and thought-provoking.
  • Closed group learning which ensures confidentiality to share personal details and problems.


'Good parenting' is no theory; it is a practice of skills, techniques and tools to make parenting easier and enjoyable and in the process giving rise to happy children who find their parents to be 'good'. So, wait not.Become that good parent your children have been waiting for! Join us now!!

Positive Parenting Program Reviews

Extract of a few things that parents who have attended this parenting education program had to say about it.

"I was at my wit's end as to how should I discipline my boy and make him do things as expected from a 10-year-old. He would not do one thing as told; no amount of sweet talking or punishing was helping. Then I joined the parent education program. Slowly I started putting the skills to use. And to my relief things started improving. I am so thankful to VES and the entire team." - Mina Joseph
- Stay-home-Mom

"I enrolled for this parenting program keeping in mind my dual roles as teacher and mother. I have started putting the skills in practice with my children in the class. As a teacher I use a lot of praise to encourage and motivate. But after attending these parenting programs I now praise in a much better way and in fact it is working much better with the children. I have also learnt not to type cast any child. I now know how badly it can affect the child and lead to more damage."- Rupali Khadse
- Teacher
- Mother of a 3-year-old

"We were very happy the way the sessions were conducted. Each session was interesting and informative. Thank you so much. Will definitely recommend to our friends and family." - Sachin Inamdar and Gayatri Inamdar
- Doctors
- Parents of a 6-year-old

"I was very impressed with the content of these parent training programs. The topics of the sessions are very relevant especially. I am trying to develop a better self-image and personality of my son by praising correctly. Thank you. And all the best.!" - Manoj Singh
- Businessman
- Father of a 7-year-old

"Thank you VES for such a good learning experience. I think I am improving as a parent because of the skills I am using with my child. Highly praiseworthy!" - Bhakti Sharma
- Beautician
- Mother of an eight-year-old