Parenting Workshops

will be apt for you!
If you arefed up of being a parent who is

  • constantly nagging
  • always saying "No" to
  • often yelling at
  • repeatedly punishing
  • always in a state of tug-of –war with

his/ her own children.

Are you feeling more or less overwhelmed and frustrated with the day to-day issues and situations that you are facing with your child?

If yes, then go ahead and read on.

Relax!You are not the only parent who is going through such difficulties. Such feelings of stress are experienced by parents universally. Don't blame yourself or the child because child rearing can really be quite challenging and demanding at times.

You may feel that your love, care or experience alone can make your job as a parent easy. We tend to realize that it may not be so.Sometimes even traditional child raising methods do not prove to be that effective. Our natural intuition and gut feeling as a parent may also not work at times.

Workshops For Parents

As parents, at times we may wish that someone could have told us how difficult parenting a child is. If only there would be someone to guide us, teach us or train us in ways or skills which could be helpful in bringing up children more efficiently and easily!

In fact,do such skills exist?

If yes, what are they?

How do we acquire these skills?

And who will help us to train in such skills?

Yes, there are effective, proven , well-researched skills to ease the stresses and strains that you are facing as a parent.

These skills are like practical implementable techniques, which when put to practise with children, over a period of time yield positive results. You start experiencing a world of difference in the manner in which your child responds to you.

In order to acquire such skills, one needs to be trained by experts, practice these skills and apply them through trial and error to find out the ones most suitable for you and your child

And yes we will help you learn and train in such skills.

Parent Workshops

Vidhyanidhi Education Society brings to you an exhaustive, innovative and intensive Workshop - How to make your Children Listen to you? This is a workshop comprising 2 engrossing sessions of around 4 hours each. If you are a parent or parent-to-be, a grand- parent or about to be one, an educator, a child care facilitator, a child counselor or advisor, or anyone who is remotely interested in children and in child rearing, then these parenting workshops are for you.The sessions will thoroughly train you in easy-to-understand and easy- to-apply parenting skills.

The insights and skills learnt during our parent workshops, will enable you to

  • Deal with children's negative emotions like anger, fear, disappointment etc.
  • Express your anger without hurting.
  • Communicate your expectations without causing stress to children.
  • Get children's cooperation.
  • Discipline them by setting limits, yet retaining goodwill.
  • Avoid punishments.
  • Find solutions to conflicts in the family.
  • Improve relations with everyone around you.


This parent workshop is a result of lots of research and development by a panel of psychologists, educationalists, trainers and counsellors. There will be many opportunities to practice the skills through role-playing. There will be lots of experience-sharing through discussions and question-answer sessions. All in all, the workshop offers experiential learning which is very helpful in learning the skills easily.

To conclude, it has to be mentioned that this is no ordinary parenting workshop where parents are just lectured on moral upbringing of their children or where idealism is professed. Instead, our parenting skills workshops,provide you with a more practical approach, equipping you with a set of skills. Once you start taking help of these skills you will be able to smoothly sail through the everyday parenting difficulties that you are facing with your child. These skills will make your relationship with your children more beautiful and healthy. You will be a happier and satisfied parent and your children will have a parent of their dreams.


Parenting Skills Workshops Reviews

What a few parents had to say about our workshops:

"Thanks to VES's workshops for parents, now I am an all -improved mother. There's so much more love, happiness and peace between me and my daughter. The other day she said, 'Mamma, now you are the best, and I always wanted a mamma like you.' Thanks for making me the parent my child always wanted."
Ketaki Shroff - Home Maker
Mother of a 7-year-old

"I was really impressed by the way the sessions were conducted. Each session was an eye-opener. Though I knew the concepts , the step-by-step skills that can actually be implemented in situations were new to me. I am really getting positive results at home as well as in the school due to them. Thanks." Bharti Pednekar - Counselor at a prestigious school
Mother of a ten-year-old

"I am so happy I joined the positive parenting workshop. The skills I learnt are proving so useful in handling my six-year old-son. These days the arguments between us, his tantrums and mood swings, my nagging with him have reduced so much. I am enjoying every moment of motherhood these days and all credit goes to VES."
Rashmi Konar
Stay-at-Home Mom

"I am a single working mother and bringing up my son was getting stressful each day. In fact, things were becoming so bad that my son's grades were getting affected. I even found that his confidence level was also suffering. Then I started attending this workshop after a lot of thought. And believe me, it was the best decision of my life. My relationship with my son has not been better than this! So, grateful to the entire team at VES."
Meenakshi Reddy - Consultant
A single mother of a 9-year-old

"Everything I asked my daughter to do or not do, she would not cooperate with me on anything. There was constant tug of war . By using the skills taught, I am able to get her to cooperate with me without any trouble. In fact, she has started being helpful around the house more willingly than ever. Wonderful! Thank you."
Rita Arora - Corporate lawyer at a firm
Mother of an 8-year-old