Career Scope


On successful completion of our Teachers' Training Courses you will be awarded with a Diploma Certification and you will earn the credentials of being a certified teaching professional.

Our Courses are useful for individuals from different backgrounds, at different stages in their career and of different age groups, such as,

  • In-service teachers
  • Aspiring teachers
  • School supervisors, Vice- principals and Principals of schools
  • Entrepreneurs in the field of pre-school education
  • College students (can do a teacher training course along with their college studies)
  • Individuals in their mid-life stage (having grown up children) who wish to spend their time productively
  • Parents (who want to understand child development and implement better parenting strategies)
  • Home-makers (wanting to start their own pre-school education ventures)
  • Mid-career professionals ( wanting to embark on a career shift)


Teacher Training Education

Your career prospects include the following:

  • Teacher - You can become a teacher in schools affiliated to different boards (State/CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE/IB boards) anywhere in India and abroad. You can also work in playschools or pre-schools or even established schools having pre-primary and primary sections as teacher or assistant teacher.
  • Trainer - You can gain employment with teacher training institutes and work as a trainer or a faculty member.
  • Supervisor/Coordinator - You can work as a supervisor/coordinator at playschools/preschools/schools after gaining a few years of experience.
  • Curriculum Planner - This teacher training certificate also helps you to become a curriculum planner/ curriculum developer.
  • Entrepreneur - You can also establish and manage your own child care set-up such as a playschool, pre-school, creche, day-care centre, activity classes, summer camps etc.

The above career prospects lie open before you which can be availed by you on successful completion of the programme. Apart from these, the teachers' training courses are also helpful in educating and bringing up your own child and thus becoming a better parent.