Phonincs Testimonials

  • Awesome Experience!!

    Wow! It was indeed an awesome experience! It was great fun learning phonics with VES. They have such an organised way of teaching. Thank you!

    Jinal J Vora
    Borivali (West)

  • Wonderful Programme!

    It was a wonderful programme. I am not only trained in phonics skills now, but I also know about theory related to phonics. I am more confident about my pronunciations now.Thank you VES!

    Sneha Rushab Vora
    Borivali (West)

  • Learning was Super Fun!!!

    Thanks to VES for giving me such a fantastic experience. I didn't know that learning could be so much fun. I enjoyed every session. The sessions were interactive and participative. Singing those jingles and doing those actions was super fun.

    Andrea D'costa
    Kandivali (West)

  • Great Trainer

    The trainer was too good. Her comprehensive knowledge of phonics clarified all my doubts. She kept us engaged and did a lot of activities with us which were absolute fun. I'm so happy I chose VES for this. Now I feel more confident about this subject.

    Shruti Bhavin Mehta
    Kandivali (West)

  • VES - a right choice

    I'm so happy to call myself a trained phonics teacher now. VES was the right choice for undertaking this programme as I had an amazing time there. The content gave me complete knowledge of phonics. I am now skilled and more confident.

    Pooja Mukesh Simaria
    Tree House
    Kandivali (West)

  • Such a blessing...

    My child kept singing songs and doing actions at home whenever I asked him to say his letters. I soon learned that he was being taught phonics, a skill I was completely unaware of. VES taught me everything I wanted to know about phonics.It is such a blessing to help my son with phonics now.

    Sarita Thakur
    Charkop, Kandivali (West)

  • Better Language Teacher!

    I'm currently working as a teacher in a pre-school.This programme has acted as a boon to me as I have upgraded my language skills. It taught me the correct method to teach children and many rules of correct pronunciations.

    Naina Rohra
    Vile Parle (West)

  • Thanks VES!!

    Great teaching and a superb experience! I didn't really expect it to be so comprehensive as the fees charged were so less. Thank you VES! I can now call myself a trained phonics teacher.

    Hema Samir Mehta
    Poorna Prajna Education Centre
    Dahisar (E)

  • Kudos to the Trainer...

    The trainer there is just fabulous! Her energy, enthusiasm and teaching skills made each learning moment there a memorable one. She was so helpful, encouraging and simplified everything for better understanding.

    Nirali Bharat Dhoshi
    Kandivali (West)

  • Study Material...

    I just want to thanks VES for providing me such a rich source of phonics knowledge. I was quite happy to see the study material, as it is put in a very simple language. I think I will be able to use this study material for future reference as well.

    Bhoomika Mukesh Dhoshi
    Malad (West)

  • A career in waiting...

    It was a great experience. Just can't wait to start up my own phonics class for children and thus begin my phonics career. This programme has helped me gain a lot of information which I'm looking forward to implement in my practical life. Thanks VES!

    Shah Jinga Dhaval
    Tree House
    Borivali (West)

  • Trainer's Personality

    Thank you VES for providing us with such an amazing personality as our trainer. I really appreciate her patience and efforts she put in to get my concepts clear. She kept us engrossed with her teaching skills.

    Chaitra Bhavik Juthani
    Speak Well English Speaking
    Ghatkopar (West)

  • VES delivers yet again...

    I am an ex student of Vidhyanidhi Education Society as I have done my diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from this institute. Hence I was well aware of the supportive team and excellent trainers it has. This encouraged me more to opt for this phonics programme through VES as I knew I would get my money's worth. A big thanks to VES, yet again for the great training.

    Priti Chhadva
    Walkeshwar Road

  • Easy Learning

    Learning each vital concept of Phonics with VES was extremely easy. All the revision helped a lot. I benefited so much with the intensive practice sessions. I feel confident enough to declare that I now know phonics really well.

    Dr. Niti Shah
    Mira Road (East)

  • Extremely Helpful!!

    I was a complete novice about phonics and phonics teaching. But the way the course was conducted at VES, I was able to effortlessly acquire all skills needed of a phonics teacher and gain lots of confidence. Immensely, immensely helpful for novices like me, I would recommend this course to all.

    Sharma Nidhhee Ramesh
    Kids Land
    Malad (West)

  • Cheers to VES!!

    I congratulate VES for their outstanding phonics training programmes. Thanks to them I got an opportunity to work as a phonics teacher and help children acquire language skills on completion of the programme. The content of the programme is par excellence and the training method applied was superb. Cheers to VES!

    Joshi Dhara Prashant
    Malad (West)

  • Happy with VES

    One of the best things that have happened to me was joining VES for this certificate programme. The phonics sessions were highly interactive, there was plentiful revision and for thorough understanding there were intense practice sessions of the letter sounds.I am so happyI have been able to gain a complete knowledge of phonics which got my pronunciations right!

    Rinku Akhil Parikh
    Private Tutions from past 11 years
    Kandivali (West)

  • A Confident Phonics Teacher!

    Completion of the VES's phonics certificate programme has landed me a job as a phonics teacher in a school near my residence. I am feeling quite confident while teaching the kids there.All credit goes to the VES team. Thank you. I will definitely recommend this programme to my friends.

    Hetavli S. Patel
    Borivali (West)

  • Worthy enough...

    This course has enhanced my phonics skills to a great extent. The study material was comprehensive and easy to understand. The trainers did an excellent job. All in all, the experience was value for money and worth the time and money invested in."

    Pooja Haresh Mehta
    Santacruz (East)

  • VES Team...

    My experience during the phonics programme was awesome. I loved the way the sessions were conducted. The trainer, the staff, the content of the programme, the sessions, everything was so perfect! Cheers to the entire VES team!

    Bhamini Uttkarsh Mehta
    Dahisar (East)